The Challenge

Significant gaps in user experience and an outdated CMS was driving inefficiencies

With an outdated website that had a burdensome site experience, Stanley Black & Decker (SBD) partnered with Primacy for a website redesign and CMS re-platform. Creating and maintaining content in an old Drupal 7 platform was arduous; the CMS and authoring experience needed an overhaul. With the building pressure for leadership to deliver a better experience before upcoming marketing campaigns, this project had to move fast.

To deliver on the strategic needs of the organization as well as the technical needs of the SBD marketing team and an aggressive timeline, Primacy partnered with its Drupal-based sister company, ZenSource, to develop a best-in-class site user experience and creative execution powered by a modern Drupal 9 CMS that was secure, scalable, and incredibly easy to use. The goal was to relaunch as the foundation that enables SBD marketers to quickly scale and grow its content on demand with little to no developer or code involvement.

Image showcasing the Stanley Black & Decker brand kit.

The Work

Laying a foundation to enable a best-in-class site experience

With a strong working relationship built upon mutual trust, a penchant for innovation and a shared goal, Primacy and Stanley Black & Decker had a solid foundation to make drastic change.

Primacy partnered with SBD stakeholders to audit the site inside and out—analyzing architecture, content authoring, and third-party integrations to understand the current site ecosystem and CMS tools.

We crafted a strategic technical roadmap to create a scalable, author-first CMS experience. This roadmap included a multi-phased plan for implementing various layers of functionality and third-party integration. It serves as the guiding blueprint and solid foundation for the project and its future releases.

Wireframes from the website redesign process.

Brand Positioning

Paired with a digital vision playbook and brand standards definition, Primacy set out to help elevate the brand positioning for the future. Focused on positioning SBD as an innovative solution provider, the goal was to use as the primary digital front door for the evolving brand and its constituents.

User Experience

Starting with persona and journey map development, Primacy detailed an approach to creating a streamlined site user experience for optimized wayfinding and SBD content consumption. UX and creative development then delivered on the site vision by creating a modern design and pattern library to elevate SBD and further push the envelope for its established brand equity. Primacy then developed the Drupal 9 CMS experience to deliver an incredibly intuitive and scalable content authoring set of tools.

Two pages on the Stanley Black & Decker website

The Results

Phase one of an ever-evolving digital ecosystem

With the site's launch, the new encapsulates a high-value user experience and design true to SBD's heritage and status as an iconic, recognizable, and innovative brand. The modern technology implementation of a Drupal 9 CMS, optimized authoring experience, and delivery of a flexible pattern library enabled SBD to take their experience to the next level.

The relationship forged between Stanley Black & Decker and the Primacy team has been pivotal. Serving as a true extension of their team, Primacy was able to deliver meaningful impacts that have resulted in the following:

  • Substantial increase in authoring efficiency/time savings: Reduced new campaign content updates from an average of 2 months to 2 weeks.
  • Empowerment of non-technical authors: Enabled multiple team members, including copywriters and content managers, to author content effectively without coding expertise.
  • Significant labor savings: Reduced overall hours spent by more than 1,500 annually.

Dropping Some Data


increase in user engagement on website


increase in newsletter sign ups


increase in number of pages visited