The Challenge

Not yet top of mind for professional education

Known for its undergraduate experience, basketball team, and loveable bulldog mascot, Butler University has struggled to establish itself as a top contender for professional education, both locally and regionally.

The Insight

Creating a new "front door" for Butler's B2C and B2B professional learning to differentiate in a crowded marketplace

To create a new brand, we needed to find a clear whitespace. We took advantage of our "blank slate"—allowing us to better assess our competition and create an offering that truly prioritizes the needs of today and tomorrow's learners.

Wireframes and designs from the Butler+ website.

The Work

Allowing learners to find their next with Butler+

Through quantitative and qualitative research, Primacy identified Butler as offering more inspiring, immersive, nimble, and student-centric lifelong learning experiences.

With that in mind, we established naming territories that led to "Butler+" and brand thought starters that led to the "Find Your Next" tagline. We developed a logo, brand guidelines, website strategy, and marketing materials to bring the new brand to life.

While the creation of a new, compelling brand is a significant achievement, it's equally important to have a strategic, thoughtful go-to-market plan. This plan not only builds internal alignment but also generates external excitement. In collaboration with the Butler+ team, Primacy developed a multi-year launch approach, strategically designed to scale both marketing activity and geographical reach as Butler+ expanded its offerings.

Images of webpages on the new site.

The Results

An innovative brand and launch strategy designed to captivate, connect, and co-create for years to come

Butler+ was officially launched in the spring of 2024 and has made immediate impact on both the brand and the business. With increased engagement and inquiries, as well as amplified awareness for their organizational partnerships, we are excited to see what the next year brings for Butler+.

The Butler+ website on multiple devices.