With dedicated industry insiders on our teams, we deliver a deeper understanding of both your day-to-day realities and large-scale challenges.

Making a bigger impact in the industries that matter most to us.

Graphics representing education, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services.

Services by Industry

With a focus on Education, Healthcare, Financial Services and Manufacturing, Primacy has chosen to work in the industries that have the biggest impact on the most important decisions in people’s lives. Our experts have experience working in these industries as well—guiding Primacy as we bring powerful insights, experience and thought leadership to our client relationships.



Financial Services


Find out why some of the top brands trust Primacy to deliver results.

Our team is comprised of best-in-class, tenured experts that are storytellers, whiteboard enthusiasts, problem-solvers, and true partners to our clients.

What We Do

Solving brand and business challenges

Whether it’s enrolling new students, merging large health systems or marketing to a new generation of insurance consumers, our industry-aligned experts understand your toughest challenges – and have experience solving them.

Maximizing key moments in the customer journey

By developing and implementing personalized experiences that connect with consumers on their terms and timeline, we help your build deeper, more valuable connections.

Extracting value from your marketing technologies

Our team of strategy, tech, marketing and data experts can help you take full advantage of your tech stack, bringing data and insights that will revolutionize your approach to marketing.

Measuring the impact of your marketing investment

With expertise in cross-channel measurement and attribution, Primacy builds custom dashboards that help quantify the value of marketing and make the case for future growth.

Creating breakthrough experiences

Living at the intersection of creativity and technology, our teams bring your brand to life through digital experiences that stand out in crowded and complex industries.

Going deep in our focus industries

The proof of our value is in our relationships: Primacy works with Fortune 500 companies, top-ranked health systems, and 5 of the top 25 universities in the world.