The Challenge

Facing significant flaws in their current site experience and CMS, the client needed to move fast.

Primacy had partnered with a growing Chicago healthcare system for a rebranding, and with an ambitious, integrated marketing campaign already underway, we needed to rapidly design a digital presence to match. Not only did it need to better reflect their new brand, but it needed to efficiently support their marketing efforts, educate and inform patients, and drive business outcomes like appointment requests across service lines.

The Insight

The site was too important and complex to rush, so we got creative.

To deliver on the most urgent goals of the website without cutting corners or duplicating efforts, we developed a quarterly release schedule and rolling launch plan. Over the course of 18 months, major releases would incorporate new functionality and build upon core components, starting with a new marketing landing pages and a Sitecore-based content hub.

map of the healthcare ecosystem and websites

The Process

Our Sitecore partner experience made complex upgrades seem simple.

By moving to the Sitecore CMS and leveraging a modular design, Primacy was able to roll out modules and functionality in segments instead of building towards one huge launch months into the future. This approach enabled us to prioritize the immediate need for new marketing landing pages and a dedicated content hub while still planning against the functional needs of future releases.

hospital website devices and modules

Smarter Experience

Improving user experience was critical to enhancing the patient experience.

The website redesign required more than just updated copy to match the rebrand—it needed to thoughtfully prioritize patient-focused tasks. We created a wayfinding module to help guide prospective patients towards the information and content they needed. Placed front and center on the redesigned homepage, this module provided users with a streamlined path to find a condition or service, find a doctor, or find a location. During user testing, a vast majority of prospective patients utilized this module to complete key steps in their journey, and the module was later replicated on redesigned stand-alone sites for the cancer center and children's hospital.

hospital website wireframe example


Consolidating a constellation of stand-alone sites streamlined enterprise upgrades.

Leveraging modules and functionality created for the content hub, marketing landing pages, and key sections of the main URL, future releases consolidated a number of stand-alone sites into the main Sitecore framework. This not only grew efficiencies from a development standpoint, but it meant that enterprise initiatives could be rolled out more quickly across the entire ecosystem. With the new consolidated structure, all web properties benefitted from domain-level SEO improvements, increased site speed, simplified analytics and reporting metrics, and ease-of-use for content authors.

children's hospital website wireframe example

The Outcome

Quick to outperform expectations.

With hundreds of pages of blog content, highly complex IT and security considerations, as well as WCAG 2.0AA accessibility requirements, Primacy met an ambitious deadline. The new digital hub for the health system delivers on its brand promise and is built to support ongoing marketing and brand efforts. Since launch, it continues to perform against key metrics, collect praise among key internal stakeholders, and has won several industry awards.

Dropping Some Data


Increase in appointment requests 18 months post-launch


Increase in sessions at 15 months post-launch


Increase in organic sessions at 15 months post-launch


Accessibility compliant


Websites consolidated under one URL