The Challenge

Up DeWalt’s job recruitment efforts in an ultra-competitive market

As with most employers these days, job recruitment is highly competitive. In Tennessee, Stanley Black & Decker’s DeWalt Plant is competing for talent with some of the biggest brands and most aggressive recruiters out there out there. They are also trying to overcome the misperception that their tools are built cheaply overseas. They couldn’t compete in media spend, so they challenged us to find a message that would break through. 

The Insight

Our audience is unapologetically Tennessee proud. So, let’s hit them where their pride is.

How do you recruit with the big boys? Start by pointing out that working for DeWalt is more than a job. You can build the tools that build Tennessee. You can build the tools that are used in NASCAR. You can be part of something bigger. Something tangible and something important. Something you’re proud of. And it’s all happening right here, in Tennessee. 

We build the tools that build Tennessee

The Research

How did we get to our insight?

Before crafting our campaign, we needed a deeper understanding of our audience. Through focus groups and external surveys, we dug in to find out what makes DeWalt employees tick, what are their priorities, why did they choose to work at DeWalt, and why they stayed. It was clear that working for DeWalt gave them a real sense of pride that they couldn’t get just anywhere. We knew this was the differentiator we needed. 

DeWalt Team

The Ideation

Building The Tools That Build Tennessee

With an eye on the growing Nashville skyline – and DeWalt’s role in building it – we turned a NASCAR sponsorship into a 360-degree employee recruitment campaign that extended beyond race day. It was built around a direct message that hit hard on the local pride that resonated throughout the focus groups.  

On race day, creative spoke to NASCAR fans in their own language. We then continued our messaging, supporting the brand with awareness ads in radio, social and digital display that invited future employees to “Come Build the Tools That Build Tennessee.”

Billboard of tools that build Tennessee

Smarter Experiences

All in on race day

As part of our omni-channel approach, we utilized multiple and unexpected touch points to create a more holistic, organic and 360-degree impact during NASCAR. Billboards on the way there. Radio ads at the tailgate. PA announcements between races. Meet and greet events with drivers. We didn’t just serve them an ad, we became a part of their day at NASCAR – making us synonymous with one of the things our audience is most passionate about. 

Race Day Giveaways
Race Day Banners

The Results

And now for our victory lap

We’re not embarrassed to say, we were firing on all cylinders on this one. In addition to thousands of application submissions, and two stadiums worth of impressions – we made an immeasurable brand impact in a key market for Stanley Black and Decker. We’ve also seen that’s it’s more than a line in their ads, Dewalt and their employees are proudly building the tools that build Tennessee. 

Dropping Some Data


career application submissions




lift in career opportunity awareness at manufacturing facility in TN


lift in DeWalt overall brand awareness with the Construction audience