The Challenge

Get people who don’t drive a lot to rethink their insurance.

Their new FlexMile insurance was designed for people who drive less than 12k miles a year. It was a very specific and unique audience and Amica wanted a campaign that “pushed the envelope” to get their attention.

The Insight

We noticed that people who drive less look at their cars differently.

We all have relationships with our cars, but those relationships are a little different with infrequent drivers. They take pride in doing the right thing - living an active lifestyle and staying eco-friendly - and driving less is part of that.

"Amica advertisement showings Lonely in Lukarilla"

The Ideation

We asked “But what about those poor neglected cars?”

With FlexMile, the less you drive the less you pay. It’s basically rewarding you for spending less time with your car, so it’s perfect for people who commute by public transportation or by bike. People who have grown less attached to their cars and don’t use them much, but weren’t ready to give them up completely. Which got us thinking – what was that like for their cars?

People who drive less feel ignored by the big insurance agencies, so acknowledging that Amica looks at them differently went a long way.

"An Amica advertisement showing neglected in Newport"

Smarter Experience

We crafted very specific messages that spoke directly to a very narrow audience.

We built a creative platform and campaign around the “lonely cars” of people who weren’t driving much anymore. The creative gave the cars voices and let them express how they “felt”. (So yes, talking cars.) It was a fun yet direct way to cut through to our audience of infrequent drivers. As the launch of a new product, we needed to both build broad awareness and then support it in more direct channels, so we created a range of work that included TV, bus-shelter ads and targeted emails.

To help our emails get noticed by an “innovative market,” we embedded cinemagraph gifs to give them motion and tell a branded story.

Amica advertisement showing Semi Forgotten in San Marine
"Amica print ad showing FlexMile
An Amica advertisement in a magazine
Amica advertisement on tablet

The Outcome

Creative that speaks for itself. (Kinda like the cars that are in it.)

By digging into why people decide to drive less, we were able appeal directly to them. The result was relevant, engaging and fun. It also garnered comments such as “We need to do more work like this” and “I can’t wait to show this around.” We laughed, cars cried and drivers saved some money.

We worked with the client to think of the type of cars and the types of parking places that would be relevant to this audience.

Filming Amica advertising materials
Parking garage filming Amica advertising materials