The Challenge

Navigating the present while building for the future

UVA's University Communications team produces high-quality content across channels daily. But it's hard to create in the moment while also planning for the next five years. University Communications needed help setting the department's objectives and priorities for the next five years, aligning stakeholders, and increasing collaboration.

The Insight

We can't create another plan that no one reads

Primacy couldn't simply create a strategic plan for University Communications. We needed to collaborate with the UVA team to envision the future and ensure a shared sense of ownership. Our goal was to create a clear, concise, and actionable plan—continuing to maximize collaboration and strengthen the quality of work to support the institution's larger ambitions.

A sampling of UVA marketing materials

The Work

Crafting a vision that energizes and aligns

Primacy hosted a four-day onsite workshop with University Communications leadership and its units to uncover objectives, gain alignment, and explore opportunities for growth. The workshop helped us build a strong, collaborative relationship with the client, ensuring we could iterate and refine our thinking together.

With the team's valuable input, we transformed a text-heavy document into a visually engaging framework. This framework succinctly outlines four key objectives for the department, delving into the what, why, how, and measurements of each objective. The result is a plan that not only communicates effectively but also celebrates the work of University Communications.

Using the strategic plan as a guide, we crafted a detailed annual work plan that prioritizes initiatives for the first year of activation, ensuring the team stays on track and unified.

The UVA Communications Strategic Plan

The Results

An inspired, organized team ready to make an impact

The University of Virginia President approved the plan, which was rolled out to the broader team and university in April 2024. Equipped with clear goals, University Communications feels excited for the future and ready to continue making an impact as it enters the FY25 fiscal year.

The strategic plan has already been the basis for new hiring decisions and organizational changes from department leadership. Due to the strong work produced, Primacy has also been engaged to help University Communications complete its first strategic objective: creating a unified content strategy.