The Challenge

Get an audience who thinks they already know it all to learn something new.

Tech business owners are a pretty brilliant bunch. But that doesn’t mean they don’t fall victim to the same insurance myths and mistakes as everyone else. We needed to show them that a wrong choice could mean game over.

The Insight

Wait... they’re just as geeky as we are!

This wasn't your typical audience and a typical banner ad and email campaign wasn’t going to cut it. They’re too busy. But, do you know what they do have time for? The classic, retro-looking, 8-bit side-scrolling video games they spent their entire childhood playing!

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Smarter Experience

But we don’t have time to build a “real” game!

TechQuest looks — and plays — like a video game. But it’s really just a series of animated clips strung together into a choose-your-own-adventure style quiz. It was an early implementation of native HTML5 video, not just a YouTube embed. This approach meant we could produce it faster and more efficiently.

TechQuest puts small business owners to the test. Too many wrong answers means game over.

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The Outcome

Taking a marketing "risk" helped customers reduce actual business risks.

When you think “professional liability insurance,” an 8-bit video game isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But we had a strong, insightful creative brief, a passionate team and clients who trusted us enough to take a risk. And the result was pretty rad — and effective.

Dropping Some Data


Hours we spent reminiscing about our favorite video games


Sega Genesis console installed in creative department for "research"


Estimated money we spent (in quarters) in arcades during childhood


Out of 10 for how much fun we had working on this project