The Challenge

Meemic had the reputation and the tools. What they needed was a streamlined approach.

Meemic Insurance — an insurance company for the educational community and a subsidiary of AAA / Auto Club Group — had a robust website, digital tools, and marketing assets all working to grow their member base and increase auto quotes and sales. They knew they could better leverage email communications to drive acquisition and retain members but didn't know where to start.

The Insight

We needed to consolidate, organize and optimize.

With prospect and member communications being sent through separate email platforms and multiple databases, we quickly realized that consolidating the email programs into one platform and one database would yield better results and increase the operational efficiency for Meemic's internal teams. But to do that, we first needed to get things organized.

Woman at whiteboard writing "use APIs"

Our Approach

We upgraded Meemic to Salesforce and a new data ecosystem.

A Primacy client since 2012, we audited all of Meemic's email programs and built a new, comprehensive strategy for handling Prospect, Policyholder and Foundation Club member communications. 

In order to execute on this streamlined approach, we conducted a thorough assessment of various platforms and recommended Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the ideal email service provider for this vision. 

In addition to standing up the platform, we mapped out and migrated existing email programs from their various original sources into Salesforce. We also rebuilt the Meemic data ecosystem into Salesforce, transforming many legacy member databases into one master database for streamlined operations and reporting.

Chart showing the email work flow for prospects

The Solution

Rebuilding email communications programs for better engagement and easier reporting.

Once this transformation was complete we then rolled up our sleeves and got to work recreating the highest priority communication programs and set up automation within Journey Builder. This process included developing new content, email creative and templates for better engagement with emails, as well as audience segmentation and analytics tagging for various programs to ensure better targeting and reporting.

Smarter Experience

We built a customer Profile Center, giving customers the ability to choose their own preferences and allow for greater personalization.

In order to provide marketing communication preference options for all existing contacts, policyholders, and Foundation Club members, we then built a customer Profile Center integrated with real-time APIs to Meemic's member database. By allowing customers to choose their own preferences, Meemic can provide prospects and members options on what messages they want to receive, and create greater segmentation and personalization based on where a person is in the customer journey.

The new Profile Center required a new process outside of Salesforce that would export Meemic's existing data into the Salesforce environment, in addition to 3 other databases that were already connected in Salesforce. Our tech team used various API calls to pass data securely and in real-time, allowing different kinds of users to save their preferences on a dynamic landing page created using Cloud Pages. Overall, the team utilized Automation Studio to import 5 data sources and transform the data to power a functional profile center from the ground up.

Laptop displaying the new profile center

Real-Time Insights

To allow for optimization on an ongoing basis, we created a custom DOMO dashboard for Meemic’s email campaigns.

To give Meemic stakeholders real-time access to the performance of their email programs, we implemented a customized DOMO dashboard. This dashboard consolidates data from over a dozen email programs and sharing key metrics including email delivery rate, bounce rate, opt-outs and more — giving them access to ongoing performance data, and insight into where our recommendations for ongoing optimization are coming from. 

"Primacy has been a great strategic and executional partner for our Salesforce needs. In addition to laying the foundation to stand up the [Salesforce] platform, they've executed email marketing campaigns from strategy to deployment, reporting, and analytics, and provide ongoing recommendations to help drive customer acquisition and retention."

Peggy C Marketing Manager, Meemic Insurance Company

The Outcome

Meemic has increased online acquisition and member retention while driving the adoption of member programs.

From a solid foundation, Meemic continues to partner with Primacy on leading-edge communication programs that have significantly increased online acquisition, member retention and encourage the adoption of member programs such as online account management and paperless billing.

Dropping Some Data


Average number of monthly emails sent


Separate email platforms consolidated into Salesforce


Higher open rate than the industry standard


Of unsold quote emails convert to new quotes, driving additional revenue


Email programs transitioned to Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Migrated legacy databases into Salesforce Marketing Cloud