The Challenge

Create a launchpad for a new brand and new generation.

When looking to create a new site, the school knew it had to bring their mission of altruism to life while unifying their disparate microsites, templates and other content under a new brand identity. It also had to be a unique experience that stands out amongst thousands of other higher education websites and inspire prospective students to join them.

The Insight

Gonzaga isn't just a destination; it's a stepping stone for students who want to change the world.

There’s a reason Gonzaga University is continuously ranked as one of the nation’s leading schools whose graduates serve in the Peace Corps. We knew that creating a site that showcased the Zag’s mission of altruism and passion is what would make the school stand apart and tell their story.

Graphic of Gonzaga Sitemap

The Research

We found a tangible, infectious and unique passion.

To learn what made Gonzaga students so innovative and focused on giving back to the world, we conducted discovery sessions with current and prospective students. Through on-campus visits, remote sessions and focus groups, we learned more about their genuine passion and purpose, and knew we had to bring this unique differentiator front and center for future students to discover.

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Helping prospective students choose their path based on their passion.

Our research and on-campus immersion helped us come up with the school’s Passion Finder. The Passion Finder presents potential passions prospective students may have — like "Protecting Our Planet" or "Innovating Medicine" to name a few — and offers real-life stories and possible academic areas of study for students to pursue.

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Illustration of passion finder
Screenshots of Gonzaga website

The Solution

Take things that inspire us and use them to inspire others.

Using Sitecore, we created a responsive and accessible site that was rich with meaningful interactions that not only told the Gonzaga story, but helped them extend it. We created a way for students to explore areas of study by following their passions, trained stakeholders to create more impactful content and built an interactive "impact map" to showcase where grads and faculty are changing the world. The site became a hub to both inspire and guide the next generation of Zags as they follow their passions and fulfill their purpose.

Illustration of impact map

The Outcome

We went beyond expectations to build experiences that go beyond getting a degree.

Gonzaga now has an award-winning site that stands out from the competition, unifies their story, and most importantly, inspires their community to follow their passions and make a meaningful impact in the world. The Passion Finder tool has become an important driver for traffic, and the rest of the site continues to garner high praise from prospective and current students, staff and alumni.

Dropping Some Data

Year One Numbers


Passions in the Passion Finder


Awards Won (2018 Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) and 2018 AD Club New England Hatch Award Winner)




Colleges and Schools combined into one experience


Increase in application interest