Primacy People: Julia Djeke

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Primacy People: Julia Djeke

How long have you been at Primacy?

Seven and a half awesome months!

Tell us about your journey to become a senior experience strategist.

UX wasn’t even a pin on my google maps—it was just something I discovered along the way. My original plan was to teach college literature (Dangerous Minds scenes fueling my fantasy), but when I realized I couldn’t be an overnight success, I pivoted to higher education fundraising for the next decade. From there, I was offered an unexpected opportunity to evolve my fundraising role into a content strategy/copywriting gig. This had the magical underpinnings of everything I loved: strategy, creativity, and organizational consensus-building.

What are some UX trends you’re predicting—or maybe have already seen—emerging in 2022?

I think G4 is going to keep us on our toes, as will analytics and AI. But, if I’m honest, I may not be the best person to ask about trends. I prefer to start from a blank slate—and then once the concept comes together, I start looking for examples that can help validate and sharpen the idea. I think trends can better your thinking, but shouldn't guide it. 

What is the best piece of UX advice you have ever received?

“What people say they’ll do and what they do are two very different things.”

What is the best piece of UX advice you have ever given?

It's not exactly "advice", but I like to ask questions that challenge everyone's thinking. Such as, “do we know if....?”

What could you watch on TV for hours?

Unsellable Houses. It’s an addiction.