Key Takeaways from SHSMD 2023: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare Marketing

SHSMD 2023 provided a platform to delve into critical themes that are shaping the future of healthcare marketing, with a focus on data privacy, personalization, a "Consumer First" mindset, the transformative power of AI, and thought leadership strategies.
Key Takeaways from SHSMD 2023: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare Marketing

Primacy's healthcare practice lead and industry expert, Shawn Gross, attended the 2023 SHSMD Connections Conference in Chicago from September 12-13 on behalf of Primacy. He returned with valuable insights emerging from the conference, which provided fresh perspectives on healthcare marketing trends, opportunities to engage with renowned healthcare marketing speakers, and a collaborative space for interaction with clients and peers. 

In the constantly evolving landscape of healthcare marketing, staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations is crucial. In this comprehensive recap, we will explore the major takeaways from the conference, which served as a strategic and tactical goldmine for health system and hospital marketing professionals. 

Key Takeaway 1: Data Privacy - Navigating the Regulatory Landscape 

One central theme that dominated SHSMD 2023 was the importance of data privacy and data confidentiality in healthcare marketing. With evolving regulations like HIPAA and an ever-shifting legal landscape, safeguarding patient data remains a top priority. The conference highlighted the need for healthcare organizations to not only understand these regulations but also to proactively ensure compliance in an era where data security is non-negotiable.  

The session titled "HIPAA, FTC, & State Laws – What You Need to Know Now" addressed the constantly shifting healthcare marketing legal landscape, offering ways to ensure compliance with best practices and clarifying what marketers can and can't track and why. 

Key Takeaway 2: Personalization - Crafting Tailored Healthcare Experiences 

Digital experience personalization emerged as a key driver in the future of healthcare marketing. It is no longer just a “nice-to-have", it's a strategic necessity that allows better measurement and tracking of ROI and growth. Delivering the right message at the right time to patients effectively is the key to building long-lasting and engaged patient relationships. 

The session titled “Activate Patients with Personalized Experiences Using Consumer & Behavioral Science” showcased the potential of highly personalized patient engagement. The session showed a community-based organization designed a digital, proactive communication strategy to educate and activate patients that were seeking preventive care and how the marketing team leveraged consumer and behavioral science to reduce barriers to engagement and scale their engagement strategy. 

Key Takeaway 3: "Consumer First" Mindset - The Digital-First Strategic Vision 

Another theme from SHSMD 2023 featured a shift towards a "Consumer First" mindset that represents a strategic vision of digital-first, integrated experiences where physical and digital interactions merge. Healthcare marketers are increasingly recognizing the need to embrace an omnichannel philosophy, emphasizing a seamless blend of physical and digital touchpoints and catering to the preferences and needs of modern healthcare consumers.  

Key Takeaway 4: AI Revolution - Transforming Healthcare's Future 

There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a transformative force in healthcare (and beyond). The promise of a brighter, innovative healthcare future, with enhanced patient care and operational efficiency, has ignited excitement across the industry. SHSMD 2023 underscored the importance of leveraging AI to deliver on the promise, paving the way for innovative solutions in patient engagement and healthcare delivery. 

Key Takeaway 5: Thought Leadership Strategies - Building Trust and Credibility 

Thought leadership strategies for health brands and clinicians were emphasized as crucial aspects of healthcare marketing. Building trust and credibility in the healthcare space is important and SHSMD 2023 highlighted the significance of thought leadership in shaping the future of healthcare marketing. 


The SHSMD Connections conference consistently attracts some of the brightest minds in healthcare marketing, top-tier agencies, and innovative solution providers, equipped with real-world knowledge and practical examples. t's an indispensable event for those seeking to propel their healthcare marketing careers forward and provide strategic, impactful marketing solutions to their organizations.  

At Primacy, our healthcare team was privileged to draw invaluable insights from marketing practitioners in the field responsible for putting customers first and shaping the future of branded care experiences. What excites us most is the prospect of integrating new solutions from Epic, enhancing the personalization of Primacy's purpose-built websites and mobile solutions, tailored specifically for patients and caregivers. This alignment with cutting-edge technology and patient-focused solutions reinforces our commitment to delivering transformative healthcare marketing services. 

The connections made have been immensely rewarding, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and knowledge that the next year will bring at this exceptional event. We look forward to continuing our journey of growth and innovation in healthcare marketing, and we invite you to join us on this exciting path of transformation with Primacy as your partner. Explore how our services can elevate your healthcare marketing strategies and provide the strategic edge you need in this dynamic landscape.