Empowering healthcare marketers, we tackle today’s industry challenges, drive growth, and transform client experiences with award-winning solutions.

Creating breakthrough digital experiences for life’s biggest moments

Primacy’s Health practice is guided by experts who have worked at and with some of the top healthcare institutions in the country. We understand the challenges you face every day – building your brand, attracting new patients, meeting the new needs and expectations of consumers – and can help solve them through creation of breakthrough, measurable digital experiences that support your customers during life’s most meaningful moments.

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What We Do

Strategy & Branding

Our teams have extensive experience developing brand strategies and compelling creative for health systems, payers, and innovators across the health and wellness continuum.

Growth & Patient Acquisition

Utilizing data, design personas and journey maps to identify patient decision points—Primacy’s proven approach to service line marketing will help you drive more patient volume.

Websites & Mobile Apps

Primacy’s strategy, UI/UX, design, content, and tech teams are reimagining digital healthcare experiences to make them more intuitive and personalized—meeting the higher expectations of today’s consumers.

Newly Merged Health Systems

Primacy leads the seamless integration of merging health systems, developing unified brand identities and digital platforms while consolidating legacy tools to deliver a cohesive, branded experience.


Primacy leverages advanced analytics and insights to craft uniquely tailored digital healthcare experiences, ensuring every interaction resonates personally and increases engagement with your audience.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Primacy harnesses the power of CRM and marketing automation to foster deeper connections, personalizing every touchpoint and efficiently converting prospective patients into loyal advocates.

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Our experts have experience working in the industry, allowing us to deliver a deeper understanding of both your day-to-day realities and large-scale challenges.