The Challenge

Recruit more high-potential students from Ursinus' "backyard"

Ursinus (Er-Sigh-Nus) College may have an odd name, but they also have a great reputation amongst people who are familiar with the school. Unfortunately, the familiarity was limited to an extremely small geography. Building on their new brand, we needed to expand that geography and develop brand-building and enrollment-driving creative that would stand out in a broader, and increasingly competitive Pennsylvania market. 

The Insight

Their small size was their big story.

Students thrive at Ursinus because they aren't looking for a typical college experience. They value the nurturing from a small school, but don't want to compromise on the academic and intellectual opportunities of a bigger school. At Ursinus you never get lost in the crowd, and you'll have every opportunity to forge your own path and fulfill your potential. This perfect combination is what makes Ursinus stand apart in their competitive set. 

The Research

On campus we discovered every student had their own path, but never felt alone.

We talked to students, faculty and staff so we could better understand why Ursinus was the right choice for them. It quickly became clear how unique the college and the students were. Empowering students to pursue their individualized interests led to fun and unexpected college experiences. For instance, a budding neuroscience major on the golf team, biology and dance double major, or a volleyball player passionate about poetry. They value being on-campus but, staying close to home. They see college as a journey not a means to an end. Their potential was "untapped" but they are passionate and eager to work. 

Ursinus College social media creative

The Ideation

The perfect combination.

We needed a big yet simple idea that could carry across multiple media channels and resonate with prospective students who might be a good fit for Ursinus. We came up with something that's equal parts nurturing and eye-opening. That embraces the school's uniqueness as well as their excellence, and that tells a story as well as it sells a college. It's that perfect balance that allows Ursinus to own "small" in a very big way.

Smarter Experience

Precision targeting was designed to make a macro impact in micro bursts.

To break through to the right-fit prospects and parents, we developed a scalable radial targeting approach for their enrollment marketing campaign. We identified high opportunity areas and delivered a multi-pronged brand story across paid search, social, streaming radio and video—maximizing the relevance and impact of Ursinus marketing across media channels.

Sketches of the Ursinus bear
Ursinus Bear and Tag Line: Odd Name. Perfect Fit.

The Outcome

We reignited the Ursinus brand with a story this unique community could rally behind.

By really digging in, we discovered what makes people so passionate about this small school with an odd name. No other school in the massive Pennsylvania market could offer unique young minds the opportunity for self-discovery and intellectual empowerment that the inclusive, tight-knit Ursinus community could. By celebrating the things that make Ursinus a special place to live and learn, we gave these remarkable students and prospects one more reason to love this little school.