The Challenge

Give members that same level of customer service online that they get on the phone.

Helpful customer service is one of SCAN’s specialties. The problem was, their existing online member portal had limited-to-no self-service functionality. So, even if a member just had to pay their bill or get an ID card, all that great customer service had to happen by phone — which is pretty inefficient for both SCAN and their customers.

The Insight

We discovered that today's Medicare members expect better tech.

Medicare websites aren’t known for being feature-rich. Until recently, that was fine. Their members weren’t expecting it. But today’s seniors are a different breed. They’re much more comfortable with technology. And they expect the same level of online self-service from their Medicare provider that they get from their bank, car insurer or mobile provider.

SCAN Health member portal before and after.

The Research

It's not what we think they want. It's what we know they want.

With so many new features in need of development, how do we know which to tackle first? We asked the people who use them. We held on-site meetings with the SCAN Member Advisory Council "a group of SCAN members" to talk to them about the site, find out what they like and what they don’t, and get their feedback on updates-in-progress.

“We are super excited about the new site. The look and feel is great. It’s easier to navigate and view.”

Jennifer Brooks-Mason, Senior Director SCAN Project Lead
Group of SCAN Health members.

Smarter Experience

A member portal that puts members first.

To date, we’ve launched almost two-dozen new features and self-service improvements on the SCAN member portal. Whether it’s getting an ID card, ordering prescriptions, paying bills, reviewing benefits info, changing primary care physicians or even acting as a caregiver for a loved one, it can now be done online — in English or Spanish. That doesn't just improve the digital experience — it improves their care and therefore their health.


Personalized content provides a more streamlined experience with easier access to relevant information.

SCAN Member Portal experience in mobile.

The Outcome

Impacting the bottom line (and more) one click at a time.

The new-and-improved member portal makes it easier for thousands of SCAN members to proactively manage their own wellness. But it’s had major benefits for SCAN, too. Every time a member pays a bill, prints an ID card or does a couple dozen other new things online instead of over the phone, SCAN saves $7.

More importantly, the money saved can go back into other services for SCAN members. Meaning there's no end in sight to the positive impact on their members care and health.

Dropping Some Data


New features and self-service improvements launched


Saved every time someone uses the portal instead of calling customer service


Reasons for customers to sit on hold to order a new ID card