The Challenge

Without good UX, online enrollments were falling flat.

Each fall, SCAN Health Plan relies on a successful Medicare open enrollment season to drive annual revenue and overall company growth. However, the typical enrollment process is complicated due to numerous government regulations, and off-the-shelf enrollment platforms are notoriously difficult to use. As SCAN is expanding into new states, the timing of this new tool was critical for SCAN to be able to promote online enrollment as the preferred channel as they scale into the new markets. With their current platform’s limitations, SCAN could only push online enrollment as a 3rd option behind calling or scheduling a call.

The Insight

If we build it, they will come.

SCAN had tried two off-the-shelf products, but saw no significant improvement in enrollment numbers or user satisfaction. Both off-the-shelf platforms took users off the SCAN website, creating blind spots in the enrollment process. To give more control over and visibility into the enrollment experience, as well as a better user experience, SCAN needed a custom enrollment platform.

An array of devices such as an ipad, iphone, and website landing pages showing the SCAN enrollment product.

The Work

Design that keeps the user in mind.

Primacy created a custom enrollment platform for SCAN for the 2021 enrollment cycle that kept users on the SCAN website throughout the enrollment experience. Given SCAN’s senior audience demographic, Primacy kept inclusivity at the forefront of the design process, while striving to significantly improve the overall experience. Once the custom platform launched, SCAN saw sizeable increases in enrollments, very high user satisfaction and usability ratings, and a “viral” enrollment season that got noticed in the healthcare press.

iPad screen and iPhone showing the Scan enrollment process

The Results

Primacy’s efforts supported a dramatic 30% increase in enrollments YoY.

Dropping Some Data

Year One Numbers


new members

4.58 / 5.0

user ease-of-use rating

4.63 / 5.0

user satisfaction rating


recognition from Fierce Healthcare Continuous UX optimization process YoY