The Challenge

Take on diet industry giants and their multimillion-dollar budgets and celebrity endorsements.

After 30 years of success in weight-loss clinics, Health Management Resources (HMR) decided it was time to expand and make their proven weight-loss program available to everyone. The only problem was that the broader consumer audience had no idea who they were.

The Insight

Losing weight and keeping it off takes more than just a diet.

For many, losing weight can be a life-long struggle, with diet after diet failing them. They’ve had enough of the fads, gimmicks and empty promises. HMR is the intense, comprehensive and clinically-proven weight-loss program they’ve been looking for.

Woman kickboxing with the word Change across.

The Research

We needed a clearer picture of who we were talking to. We named her Lorraine.

HMR isn’t for everyone, so we did our research. We did an in-depth competitive analysis. We held focus groups and shared concepts. We really got to know our audience and why other diets had failed them. And then we built our “Lorraine” persona that guided everything we did — keeping both HMR and Primacy on the same page as we built our brand, content, marketing and media strategy.

Lorraine from HMR.

Smarter Experience

Working hand-in-hand with HMR, we built a fresh advertising campaign that spoke directly to Lorraine.

A highly efficient media plan, hyper-focused on HMR’s target persona, was supported by smart, refreshingly candid messaging and new photography with authentic models. Through competitive research, audience profiling, journey mapping, quantitative and qualitative consumer-based research, Primacy identified a white space in a saturated weight-loss market. Instead of promising easy solutions, we created a voice that was honest, empathetic and empowering. Other diets promise to “fit your life.” HMR would rather change it.

We knew Lorraine would respond better if she could see herself in our creative, so we shot custom photography that was more reflective of our target, featuring diverse and authentic models.

HMR photoshoot of a woman.
HMR portrait of a woman.
HMR portrait of a woman.
HMR portrait of a woman.
HMR portrait of a woman.

Media & Marketing

We built a dynamic, responsive and effective media strategy.

Primarily using digital channels, the campaign involved a complex targeting strategy that would deliver the right messaging to HMR’s prospects at various stages of their journey — from awareness, to retargeting, to abandon cart. With a targeted cost per program enrollment, a robust analytics program allowed for relentless campaign optimization. But more than just campaign reporting — data consolidation and visualization gave HMR’s stakeholders unprecedented insight into enrollment modeling, forecasting, regression analysis and more, all in an effort to help introduce more Americans to a weight-loss program that will help them live longer, healthier lives.

The details of the program are an important differentiator, so we utilized Facebook's Instant Experiences platform to go deeper into how HMR works when others don’t.

HMR Journey Map.
HMR Designs.

2 Years of Double-Digit Sales Growth

The Outcome

We got fast results, but we also set up the brand for long-term success.

With a marketing strategy and creative that is cutting through the clutter with messaging targeted to specific personas and specific places on their weight-loss journey, HMR has seen impressive and steady growth — both in brand awareness and sales. Reflective of their growing market share, HMR now proudly claims that they’ve helped more than half a million people nationwide with their weight loss goals.

Dropping Some Data

Year One Numbers

Up 14%

Year Over Year Transaction Revenue

2 Years

Double-Digit Sales Growth


Increase in Website Sessions


Unique Target Personas Created