Hartford, CT (November 7, 2023) — Primacy, a leading digital experience agency, is honored to announce they have received a Gold eHealthcare Leadership Award in the Best Rich Media category at the 2023 Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) alongside UChicago Medicine (UCM) for the “UChicago Medicine Explainer Videos.” This award recognizes Primacy's excellence in crafting rich media content that enhances the healthcare industry's digital landscape. 


The “UChicago Medicine Explainer Videos” are a series of informational videos produced by Primacy Studios on topics ranging from Sleep Training to Weight Management. The videos feature eye-catching animations paired with digestible explanations of the subject for a final product that is interactive for viewers.  


HCIC, scheduled for November 5-8, 2023, brings together healthcare industry leaders to discuss cutting-edge solutions and strategies. Primacy is also proud to share that Associate Account Director, Dan Campagna, will be a featured speaker alongside Kalee Hildreth, Executive Director of Digital Strategy at UChicago Medicine, to present their collaborative success story on integrating online scheduling into UChicago Medicine’s existing site infrastructure. 


UChicago Medicine, a renowned healthcare institution, faced the challenge of integrating online scheduling into its existing website to enhance the patient experience. They had the choice between costly third-party vendors or restricting integration to MyChart's online scheduling interface. However, in collaboration with Primacy, they chose the innovative path of developing their own online scheduler. Working closely with UCM, Primacy delivered an innovative solution that not only merged seamlessly with UCM's "Find-a-Physician" functionality but also reduced costs significantly when compared to engaging a new vendor. UChicago Medicine's innovative approach to online scheduling has improved patient engagement, reduced costs, and streamlined the user experience.  


Primacy's commitment to excellence demonstrated through this successful partnership with UChicago Medicine, underscores its ability to create purposeful, pivotal brand experiences that maximize customer lifetime value. The award received is a significant achievement and a testament to Primacy's continued digital innovation in the healthcare space. Through creative design, experience, and technology, Primacy is able to continue making an impact for its clients.  


About Primacy: 

Primacy is a leading full-service digital experience agency, crafting pivotal, purposeful brand experiences that maximize customer lifetime value. With a team of tenured experts spanning branding, experience design, marketing, data analysis, and technology, and over 200 industry awards, Primacy is committed to delivering outstanding results across critical industries impacting life’s most meaningful moments including healthcare, education, financial services, and manufacturing. Primacy is based out of West Palm Beach, Boston, and Hartford. To find out more, visit theprimacy.com and follow us on Linkedin and Instagram

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