Hartford, CT (November 16, 2023) – Primacy, a leading full-service digital experience agency, is excited to announce that Matt Cyr, VP, Group Director of the Industry Strategy team, has been selected as a speaker at the upcoming 32nd Annual MEMS Conference hosted by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA). The conference is scheduled to take place from November 29 to December 1, 2023, in Portland, Oregon. He will be talking about the potential impact of AI on enrollment marketing. 


As the head of Primacy's Industry Strategy team, Matt Cyr brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the event. He led digital marketing teams at well-known institutions such as Boston Children’s Hospital and Northeastern University prior to joining Primacy. Matt's leadership has played a crucial role in Primacy's commitment to delivering outstanding digital experiences in the higher education industry. 


On Thursday, November 30th, Matt Cyr, alongside Frederick Wehrle from the University of California, Berkeley, and Linda Emma from Cloud Control Media, will co-lead a session titled “From Buzz to Business: Unleashing the Competitive Power of Generative AI in Higher Education Enrollment Marketing.” The session will be moderated by Kara Eldersveld from Anthology and will explore how Generative AI reshapes student engagement, offering actionable insights for integrating these techniques into marketing efforts to boost enrollment success. 


“AI is poised to have an enormous impact on how colleges and universities attract, retain, and build loyalty among prospective students. This session, presented by experts from across the industry, will provide background on AI along with actionable ideas that enrollment and marketing specialists can immediately put into action,” says Cyr. 


Additionally, Cyr and Eldersveld will be joined by Primacy’s VP of Education, Hayley Warack, in leading a pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, November 29th titled “Unlocking AI’s Potential in Higher Education Marketing & Enrollment” for leaders in higher education marketing and enrollment. The workshop will address the allure AI holds and the often-missing comprehensive understanding or application of it and bridge this knowledge-action gap. 


UPCEA MEMS brings together professionals focused on marketing, recruitment, and student success within the higher education arena, particularly focused on adult, professional, continuing, and online education. 



About Primacy: 

Primacy is a leading full-service digital experience agency, crafting pivotal, purposeful brand experiences that maximize customer lifetime value. With a team of tenured experts spanning branding, experience design, marketing, data analysis, and technology, and over 200 industry awards, Primacy is committed to delivering outstanding results across critical industries impacting life’s most meaningful moments including healthcare, education, financial services, and manufacturing. Primacy is based out of West Palm Beach, Boston, and Hartford. To find out more, visit theprimacy.com and follow us on Linkedin and Instagram. 

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