Brand Manifestos: Hitting 'Em Right in the Feels

When it comes to memorable brands with a strong sense of identity, there seems to be a common thread.
Brand Manifestos: Hitting 'Em Right in the Feels

Remember this?

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The round pegs in the square holes.”

 As manifestos go, Apple’s is possibly the best ever. (We didn’t write it, unfortunately.)

It tells you exactly what the company stands for—why it exists, who it exists for, and what you can expect to accomplish with their products. Of course, it goes further than that.

It makes you feel something.

And that goes to the very heart of why it’s a good idea to create a manifesto. It’s a chance for you and your agency partner to run all your assumptions through a valuable stress test. 

In the hands of a capable writer, do your brand assumptions add up to a compelling narrative? Does it convey something that will make a casual observer get emotional, laugh or perhaps feel emboldened?

If not, you may want to revisit your assumptions. Or your writer.

The emotional component is crucial—your brand needs it to thrive. Engaging people on an emotional level is the key to getting on people’s consideration set and driving purchase. (Few digital agencies will admit that, but here we are.) 

It’s pretty easy to get everyone in a room and agree that we’re saying all the right things. (Usually.) It’s much harder to find out if those things can get real humans to take action.

We embrace this challenge. Join us?