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How We Solve Things

Our Data team gives us the power to systematically and objectively evaluate and optimize our decision-making and performance. Our clients benefit from a rigorous, privacy-centered, technology-agnostic approach to a range of activities—from using machine learning to score leads to testing app interfaces to developing reverse ETL processes to power data pipelines.

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The Solutions We Deliver

Data-informed Strategy

We collaborate with our clients to develop the KPI’s related to their strategic objectives. Then we create and execute strategies that align the people, processes, and tools related to their data capture with those objectives.

Privacy and Compliance

Combining deep privacy expertise with best-in-class technology partners has been a winning formula for our clients. We help them manage an alphabet soup of privacy concerns from HIPPA to GDPR to CCPA while still maintaining excellent outcomes.

Business Analytics

We take a holistic view of reporting and analytics, using a wide variety of tools and techniques to deliver data and insight that answers an equally wide variety of needs. Our goals with analytics are to ensure that information is efficiently disseminated, performance is judged fairly, and that insights lead to deeper understanding and more impactful action.

Data Engineering and Warehousing

We collect, consolidate, clean, validate, and transform data from a wide variety of marketing and operational sources to deliver just-in-time sources for analysis in ways that are secure, useful, and readily accessible.

Attribution/Media Mix Modeling

We develop models to help answer the “why” questions in complicated media environments.  We then use those insights to continuously inform campaigns and pivot to increase their effectiveness.

Predictive Analytics

Our team has a depth of experience integrating data from various sources to forecast future trends, customer behavior, and marketing outcomes across our core industries.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Primacy has developed a specific process around the creation and execution of bespoke testing programs that we’ve leveraged to deliver real results in an iterative and efficient manner.

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